Alaska Moose Hunting 2015

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Published on February 20, 2016

Native Alaskan subsistence hunters truly believe in the concept we call “luck” which is more similar to kharma than it is to random chance. Luck comes through showing respect and humility in your attitudes and actions in life.
When hunting I do not shoot for the body heart/lung shot because that’s a huge waste of precious meat and the blood trauma will also bleed into the stomach cavity when butchering. I aim for the ears if possible that’s an instant kill, but a hit to the neck is also good and may take a few shots. If the animal is running away I aim high across the shoulder hump for the back of the head shot. On this shot more than likely as in this video that shot will hit the spine right before the shoulder hump which keeps the bullet from destroying meat and the animal will go down quickly. Once an animal is down I will always finish it off with a kill shot to the ear to prevent prolonged suffering. Moose head soup is a delicacy for Alaska’s Athabascan Natives so we do bring the head home. We then have the nose, tongue, fat behind the eye, meat lining in the mouth, and cheeks removed to be made into soup for ceremonial potlatches.

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