DIY OREO CANDLES! Room Decor & Amazing Gift Idea!

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Published on February 20, 2016

Hey guys!! Today I bring you these super cool oreo candles perfect for room decor or as gift for friends!

I mainly got the inspiration from this picture on etsy:

You will obviously need some wax and wicks, but if you can’t find them, you can also buy some cheap candles as I did here, cut the container and easily remove the wick like so.

Now that you have the material, cut the wax candle into smaller pieces and melt it in the microwave, heating it one minute at a time, then stir well, another minute, and continue like so until the wax is completely melted.

To make the oreo cookie part, I’m adding one piece of black crayon, and a little bit of brown crayon. Then add any essence oil you want and stir well.

To create the shape, I’m using this silicone mold:

but you can also make it yourself with some molding putty.
Pour the liquid wax and let it set, you can put it in the freezer to speed the process. Then, take it out and you will have one perfect oreo cookie.

Now take some white melted wax and let it set until it has a creamy consistency, whisk that with a fork and use the mixture to make the cream filling. The wax isn’t very hot at this point so you can use your finger like so. Top it off with another cookie and you will have one wax oreo.

There are tons of different candle designs you can make with these oreos. For the first one make a bunch of them stack them up like so and then poke a hole with a skewer stick as I’m doing here. Use that hole to pass a wick and you can also use some melted wax to stick it to the cookies so it doesn’t move and that’s it! This is super cute as room decor or as a little gift for anyone that loves oreos.

For the next one, start off gluing the wick to a glass. Then melt some white wax and add your essence. Then pour that onto the glass with the wick, and as you see you can hold the wick in place with some popsicle sticks. While that dries cut one of the wax oreo halves in smaller pieces. And once the wax starts to cool place carefully one of the wax oreos like so and hold it there for a couple of minutes and once that dries add the little crumbles as decoration.

This idea is super super cute, once you have the oreo is really easy to make and you can totally switch the cookie if you’re not really into oreos!

The last design is definitely my favorite, start off like the other one, I’m using a rounder glass this time. Then again melt some wax in the microwave and add a brown piece of crayon this time. Add your essence and pour it on to the glass with the wick.

Now, melt some white wax and once it starts to get solid, whisk it as we did before and use that to make the icing or the whipped cream of our candle. The amount you add is up to your choice but make sure it touches the wick. Then take one half of the oreo, or the whole cookie if you want and place it on one side of the whipped cream. And finally take some real sprinkles and decorate your candle the way you want. I’m using pink hearts, because I love hearts and pink… and that’s it guys! This super cute candle is finished! Make sure you leave them chill for at least one day before lighting them up and yeah! This is a super cute room decor piece and the possible designs are endless!

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