How To Setup a Ghetto Aquarium, the "I'm Broke Aquarium"

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Published on February 20, 2016


HOW TO build a Ghetto Aquarium Stand

How to Maintain a Ghetto Aquarium

HOW TO FIX a Broken Aquarium, “I’m Broke with a Broken Aquarium”


What’s up dog? Today we are gonna talk about the ghetto- “I’m Broke as hell” Aquarium. We are gonna talk about ghetto aquariums, we are gonna talk about ghetto substrate, we are gonna talk about ghetto gravel and ghetto filtration and ghetto lighting. The ghetto aquarium can be found. You just have to look for it. I would check craigslist, scout around at trash day, and yard sales. If you find a cracked aquarium you can ghetto fix it with covering an entire piece of glass or plastic with silicone and mash it over the crack of the aquarium. This works and you can see how I did it back in the day… People some how dont remember that plants need to eat- when farmers plant corn do they plant it in rocks? Heck no. They plant it it dirt. and I’ve got a ghetto way to add dirt to your aquarium. take dirt right out of your back yard. Yep. Take some of your moms used Lasagna tin foil and heat it in the oven. You are gonna wanna bake it for 350 degrees for like 15-20 minutes. Let it cool- this should kill anything that might be in it. Want some cheap gravel? I’ve got two ghetto options. You can use pool filter sand. yep a 50 lb bag of it is 10$ yep or you can use pebbles from home depot. I am going to use pebbles because this is the ghetto aquarium and I am going to add some ghetto fish…… I am sick of typing, youtube wants you to type a long description, but I hate typing which is why I make videos… so watch the video and drop me a comment on YOUR favorite Ghetto Aquarium project or tip.Planted Tanks shouldn’t be difficult. My goal is to make the planted aquarium hobby easy. “Planted Tanks Made Easy” Dustin’s Fish Tanks. TANK ON!
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Easy Ghetto aquarium setup

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