Winter Pigeon Hunting with my FX Bobcat .25

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Home Hunting Winter Pigeon Hunting with my FX Bobcat .25
Published on February 20, 2016

Hey you, read down here for equipment details and links!

Still doing my part to try to remove the stigma of what you can and can’t eat. When it comes to ferals, it’s all about WHAT they are eating. These birds do not rummage through garbage. They eat grain that is meant for cattle and dairy. Put ’em in the pot!


Gun: FX Bobcat .25:
Scope: Vortex Viper HSLR:
Scope Rings: Sportsmatch High:
Level: Holland’s Signature:
Bipod: Atlas:
Picatinny Rail: Atlas BT17:
Pellets: JSB .25 King:
Scopecam Mount: Orion Steadypix:
Camera: Casio EX-ZR200:
Truck: Toyota Tacoma 2009 (manual tran):
Snow Suit: Kings Snow Shadow:
Boots: Muck Woody Elite:


Deer Eats Bird:
English Sparrow Smackin’ 2011:

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