Billtown Auto-works maintains cars and customer relationships | News, Sports, Jobs

Corporatized auto-repair work has eliminated the mechanic-client relationship, leaving both the lesser — a mistake Jay Edkin, owner and operator of Billtown Autoworks, 205 Fleming St. South Williamsport, seeks to correct. Though many years as a BMW enthusiast has made him into an expert in European cars, Edkin said he is attempting to revitalize the … Read more

Fit 4 Life Season 3 kicks off with a bang! | News

Sheer determination pushed Althea Salmon to be out to catch the 5:30 a.m. bus from Portmore, St Catherine, to reach in time for the launch of Season 3 of The Gleaner’s Fit 4 Life health and fitness programme. By 6:30 yesterday morning, she joined close to 300 like-minded persons, serious about living a healthy lifestyle, … Read more

Statewide exercise prepares volunteers to use ham radios encase of emergency

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) A disaster strikes Alaska. The internet is down and phones are silent. The question then becomes, how does information get out? According to these experts, by using technology proven in the 1800’s. Photo Courtesy KTVF/Andrew Hawkins The Amateur Radio Emergency Service, or ARES, held a simulation training exercise, Saturday, across Alaska. The … Read more

Vitale Buford: Addicted to Perfect — a journey out of the grips of Adderall, a story of hope and healing

September is a month of beginnings – it marks the changing of the seasons, and the fall season, and school being back in session. September has a special place in my heart because it’s also National Recovery Month – and I’m five years sober from a 10-year addiction to Adderall. Because of this, it’s a … Read more

Condo Life: Opitimize space in luxury condo

By Valerie Sweeten, Correspondent Published 11:00 pm CDT, Saturday, September 21, 2019 A clean desk area is always preferred. A clean desk area is always preferred. Photo: Vladimir Ambia, Owner Photo: Vladimir Ambia, Owner A clean desk area is always preferred. A clean desk area is always preferred. Photo: Vladimir Ambia, Owner Condo Life: Opitimize space … Read more

Killer robots latest: Killer robot rise ‘unstoppable’ claims Microsoft chief | UK | News

President of Microsoft, Brad Smith, also believes a new digital Geneva Convention is essential to protect the world from the threat of killer robots. Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Mr Smith said the use of “lethal autonomous weapon systems” poses a host of new ethical questions which need to be considered by governments as a … Read more

Marijuana Inc.: Billions at stake as states move to legalize cannabis

Emily Hamer / Wisconsin Watch Cannabis is seen growing in Leafline Labs headquarters, in Cottage Grove, Minn., on April 18, 2019. The 42,000-square-foot indoor cultivation and production facility is used to grow marijuana for medical uses and create various pharmaceutical cannabis products. In the background, Hunter Rogness, a Leafline Labs cultivator, “de-fans” the cannabis plants … Read more

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