‘Good Joe Bell’ Review: Mark Wahlberg Leads a Wrenching True Tale About the Price of Forgiveness

TIFF: Wahlberg might not hit every raw note in Reinaldo Marcus Green’s delicate drama, but newbie Reid Miller is always there to pick up the slack.

Early in Reinaldo Marcus Green’s delicate drama “Good Joe Bell,” the eponymous Joe Bell (Mark Wahlberg) — thought not yet “good” enough — makes a promise to his family. “I’m going to try to be better,” the small-town husband and father vows, and such is the theme of this true life story, a wrenching examination of the price of forgiveness, and how even the best of intentions may not ever be enough. While formulaic on its… #Good #Joe #Bell #Review #Mark #Wahlberg #Leads #Wrenching #True #Tale #Price #Forgiveness