Leaders react to tourism bureau CEO’s $336,000 in salary, benefits; ‘pure politics’ alleged

Leaders react to tourism bureau CEO's $336,000 in salary, benefits; 'pure politics' alleged

“This is a 4-year-old story. This contract was voted on then, and even (McDermott’s) people voted for it,” Batistatos said. “As a board member, if I have a question, and it’s my job to be fiduciarily responsible, and if this was such a burning issue, at what point did Tom (Dabertin) or Andy say, ‘Speros, can you walk me through this? It begins within the board itself. If they say, ‘Well, I didn’t know,’ I would say, ‘Well, did you ask?'” Batistatos said McDermott’s release of these figures is a distraction from the larger issue — Hammond’s $224 million debt. “Hammond has a $224… #Leaders #react #tourism #bureau #CEOs #salary #benefits #pure #politics #alleged