Scott D. Pierce: ‘Supermarket Sweep’ took responsible COVID-19 precautions, but looks irresponsible on TV

Leslie Jones loves “Supermarket Sweep.” The host/executive producer of the revived game show isn’t shy about her enthusiasm for the program, and her excitement is contagious. She’s also, I fear, a bit naive about airing a show like this in the midst of a pandemic that has killed more than 216,000 people in the United States and almost 1.1 million worldwide. “Supermarket Sweep” is the fourth incarnation of an old game show that aired on ABC (1965-67) and has been revived twice before — on both Lifetime (1990-95) and PAX TV (2000-03). It’s a goofy-but-entertaining… #Scott #Pierce #Supermarket #Sweep #responsible #COVID19 #precautions #irresponsible